Weightnags - The All New Website That Nags Its Way To A Slimmer You

by Tanya Thomas on Sep 30 2009 8:53 AM

A new website called Weightnags will now resort to nagging dieters, and send abusive lose-weight emails to those who want to shed the pounds.

Those who are struggling to lose weight are subscribing to in a bid reduce their waistlines.

The creators of the websites say that it 'inspires' its users through a mixture of personal abuse and insults.

And the messages sent to dieters include "face it fatty, you need someone to bug you every 15 minutes don't you?" and "You oughta lay off the buffet".

Besides, the site also offers a text service for the more masochistic with fat alerts sent to mobile phones.

More than 250 people signed up for the rude site in just the first two hours of its launch this week.

"If you haven't heard, people spend billions of dollars to look prettier, feel younger and lose weight," the Telegraph quoted owner and creator of weightnags, Talmadge Boyd, as saying.

He added: "All people really need is to be nagged."