by Tanya Thomas on  September 30, 2009 at 8:55 AM Research News
 New Sleep Device Ensures That You Get a Good Night's Zzzzzss...
Many people have sleep related problems - some cannot catch sleep, some cannot wake up, and others are troubled because they get less sleep.

But here's some good news for the sleep-deprived: Dr. Carol Ash, a sleep expert, a board-certified sleep and pulmonary specialist with the Sleep For Life program of Somerset Medical Center in New Jersey, has highlighted many options for the troubled souls on "The Early Show Saturday Edition," reports CBS News.

Some of the gadgets pointed out by Ash to help people with sleep problems are:

1. Good Nite Sleep Lite - priced at 35 dollars this night light is especially meant for kids, just learning to sleep properly. A blue, smiling moon indicates the time for sleeping and a bright, smiling sun replaces it when it is time to get up. Parents can adjust the sun and the moon timings according to the sleep pattern of the child or to improve it. This product is available online.

2. Brookstone Tranquil Moments Sound Therapy System - costing 130 dollars this Sound Therapy System uses peaceful sounds or white noise to induce a sound sleep by forcing out all distractive thoughts from the mind. It is available online and in stores.

3. iPhone / iPod Touch/Blackberry Applications - the iTones store offers nearly 40 soothing sounds to make people slip into a cozy sleep. These sounds include waves crashing, crickets chirping etc. One needs to have an iPhone or iPod Touch or Blackberry to use this application priced in the range of one to five dollars.

4. iPhone Proactive Sleep Alarm Clock - available for 4.99 dollars at the at iTunes store this alarm clock records and monitors sleeping time bed depending on the duration of the time set on the alarm. It also tracks how many times the sleep is broken at night depending on the number of times a button is pressed. Finally it has a stimulating game - to be played after waking up in the morning - which judges the level of level of fatigue.

The data recorded by this clock can prove to be very helpful when showed to a sleep expert.

Source: ANI

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