Watch what your children eat!

by Savitha C Muppala on Sep 8 2006 6:36 PM

The South Australian Government has issued a warning to leave no stone unturned to ensure kids eat healthy food. A survey conducted by the health department found, nearly 20% of the children under 12 years of age are tuned into consuming junk food or snacks on a daily basis. Healthy options like fruits and vegetables are completely ignored in the diet.

The Health Minister, John Hill, said "We're working with school canteens over the next year or so. Junk food will be removed from school canteens and they'll be offering healthy nutritious alternatives and we're working through at the moment how we can manage that."

The health survey has also pointed out that adults are simply not leading by example, and make bad role models as far as healthy eating habits go. Pull up your socks parents, along with those of your kids, lest you buckle to the pressures of ill health.