by Medindia Content Team on  July 31, 2006 at 3:19 PM General Health News
Face-lift: Essentials for a youthful look
A center that promotes 'well-being' has been instituted in Kensington, West of London, founded by Carolan Brown, famous for being late Diana, The Princes of Wales', personal trainer, is fast gaining popularity for its one day programme that claims to make its clients look and feel nearly 80,000 years younger.

The programme encompasses a combination of consultation and therapy. The programme is designed with the belief that any anti-ageing initiative has to be addressed from the aspect of what goes in. Consequently diet and eating habits are considered as important as the several beauty treatments or packs applied to the face.

Finer points about ageing, which often escape attention, is the importance of maintaining good posture which also contributes in making one look young or old. What is perhaps the icing on the cake, is the importance of the feel-good-factor from within which is akin to look good factor, for how you feel within is what shows on the face. Rightly, Face is the index of the mind! In summation, food, posture, flexibility and exercise impact ageing in more ways then one.

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