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Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Launches Mother-Child Health Campaign on April 28
The Uttar Pradesh government is set to launch a campaign to ensure maternal and child health by Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on April 28. The state government had declared 2015 to 2016 as the year of Mother and Child.

The government was driven by a strong commitment to ensure a significant decline in maternal and infant mortality rate, improve the status of nutrition and health indicators and ensure full and complete immunization of all children, said Arvind Kumar, Principle Secretary, Medical, Health and Family Welfare, at a press conference on April 27.

A mobile health service, "Mobile Kunji", would also be launched by the chief minister in addition to a website, "Hausla Saajhedaari", meant for accreditation of private hospitals for family planning.

"The present 'Hausla' campaign is not only continuing to flag the issues and concerns raised last year but is deepening of the efforts and commitments made. Uttar Pradesh is one of the biggest, most populated and diverse state of the country, hence every breakthrough made here impacts the national indicators in a decisive way," he said.

Listing several initiatives the state government since the beginning of the campaign last year, Kumar went on to identify the formation of Nutrition Mission as one major step taken to improve the status of maternal and child health in the state.

The present Hausla campaign to be rolled out across the state, was preceded by a three months preparation to ensure training on scale, strengthen the health infrastructure including supply chain. This pre-campaign phase began on February 1.

Kumar said that this year-long campaign would give utmost priority to convergence of services and hence the Village Health and Nutrition Day (VHND) and Urban Health and Nutrition Day (UHND) would be scaled up and enabled to serve as a platform to converge at one place and time all the primary services.

The campaign would include registration of pregnant women, ANCs (Absolute Neutrophil Count), immunization, nutrition supplement distribution, information related to adolescent health and distribution of IFA (Iron-Folic Acid) tablets and family planning counseling.

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