by Gopalan on  November 11, 2008 at 10:24 AM Indian Health News
 Two Girls in North India Brutally Murdered by Community for Visiting Boys Festival Day
Two girls of a village in Haryana in north India were brutally murdered by the community for visiting some boys on the festival day of Diwali recently.

The festival of lights snuffed out the two young lives as villagers of Kaluvas set upon the girls with machetes, axes and stones and later set them on fire.

They had waited for them on the night of Oct.28 after getting wind of their movements. The fathers of the two girls too were part of the hysterical mob, it is reported.

When they found the battered girls were still alive though unconscious, some rushed to fetch kerosene cans. The bodies were then promptly doused and set on fire.

One of the villagers, Rajender Shivran, who says he couldn't sleep under the weight of the unspeakable crime, eventually ventured to make it to the office of the Bhiwani Superintendent of Police with a complaint.

However authorities have remained indifferent, reports the Times of India. Bhiwani superintendent of police Sanjay Kumer denied receiving any ''written or verbal complaint,'' but said he had marked an inquiry into the allegations and police teams had been sent to Kaluvas to check out the facts.

Kaluvas, the village India came to know after local boy Vijender Singh won a boxing bronze in Beijing Olympics, is keeping mum about what exactly happened that Diwali night.

''Everyone knows about it, but is keeping quiet as most are in it together and those who could dare to speak about it have been threatened with dire consequences, '' says Shivran, the complainant.

Source: Medindia

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