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'TurboCharged' Diet's Success in Denver Post Stuns Skeptics

by Thilaka Ravi on January 6, 2012 at 4:59 PM
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'TurboCharged' Diet's Success in Denver Post Stuns Skeptics

A controversial diet's success made possible by a columnist in The Denver Post may be a promising solution to the obesity epidemic in the US.

Last fall, skeptics around the U.S. were challenged by a columnist from The Denver Post to test a new diet claiming one hundred percent effectiveness. Ten participants were chosen. All were astounded by how quickly and easily they achieved their results.


After reading the book TurboCharged: Accelerate Your Fat Burning Metabolism, Get Lean Fast and Leave Diet and Exercise Rules in the Dust, longtime newspaper columnist and lifestyle expert Doni Luckutt was skeptical, but intrigued. The sibling authors Dian Griesel, Ph.D. and Tom Griesel declared traditional diet advice is at the root of the growing obesity epidemic: It is focused on weight loss not fat loss; inadequate nutrition-wise; and, condones a constant supply of sugar from obvious and less-obvious sources. They further asserted aerobic and anaerobic exercise during dieting are counter-productive despite calories burned, and instead cause moodiness due to a significant loss of lean muscle mass (not body fat).

Luckutt highlighted her doubts in a book review in The Denver Post on September 23, 2011 http://www.denverpost.com/lifestyles/ci_18960435" http://www.denverpost.com/lifestyles/ci_18960435). She also decided to personally issue a "Six Week TurboCharged Challenge" to test the efficacy of the diet and to be part of the group herself. The challenge would end the day before Thanksgiving.

Almost 100 readers responded to Luckutt. Ultimately ten people from across the U.S.-Denver to Hawaii to Atlanta and more, (9 women; 1 man) -made the tight deadline and submitted "before" measurements and photographs. During the challenge, participants were encouraged to keep rereading the book while following eight simple steps outlined in the TurboCharged™ program. Participants submitted questions and took part in supportive conference calls held each week by the Griesels.

Eight of the ten participants completed the program. The average fat loss over the six weeks was 16.4 lbs. with an average of 3.5 lbs. of lean body mass gained and a combined total of 56.9 inches lost. All described their personal results as both "inspirational" as well as "remarkable." Most importantly, each was significantly healthier as evidenced by physician-conducted blood tests, one of which is confirmed in Luckutt's follow up story.

"We are very grateful to Doni for her willingness to pose this challenge to her readers," both Griesels agreed. "These fabulous results are exactly what we anticipated. Rapid fat loss and a toned body are extremely motivating. This group accomplished their goals by eating delicious foods with the greatest amount of nutrition per calorie while learning healthful lifestyle strategies that can easily be followed for life. The TurboCharged principles work."

With regard to these results, Luckutt concluded, "I had serious doubts that TurboCharged could be one hundred percent effective, but the results speak for themselves. I'm amazed at the excitement level and belief of every participant that they now not only have full control over their health and weight, but also a lifelong program that's easy to follow."

For more information go to www.turbocharged.us.com

The Statistics for the participants follow:
Starting weights ranged from 131 to 234 pounds.
Ending weights ranged from 121.5 to 228 pounds.
Total starting pounds = 1487.4
Total ending pounds = 1384.2
Total pounds lost = 103.2 pounds (average of total body weight lost = 6.9%)
Total inches lost = 56.9 inches (neck, waist, hips)
Total fat lost = 131.22 pounds (average of total body weight lost = 8.8%)
Total LBM gained = 28.08 pounds
Average pounds lost = 12.9 pounds
Average inches lost = 7.1 inches (neck, waist, hips)
Average fat lost = 16.4 pounds
Average LBM gained = 3.5 pounds
Average decrease in BF% = 6.41%
Most fat lost = 28.94 pounds (28.94; 25.68; 16.13; 15.62; 12.84; 12.22; 11.43; 8.36)
2 women decreased their BF% by at least 9% (9.2 & 9.3)
2 women decreased their BF % by at least 6% (6.2; 8.1)
4 women decreased their BF% by at least 4% (4.4; 4.4; 4.8; 4.9)

Source: Newswise

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