by Tanya Thomas on  July 7, 2009 at 10:17 AM General Health News
 Tooth Implantation In Eye Restores Sight To Blind Man
Thanks to doctors who transplanted his tooth in his eye, a man who lost his eyesight in an accident at work can now see again.

Martin Jones, 42, a builder, had been blind for 12 years after a tub of white-hot aluminium exploded in his face while working at a scrapyard.

He got married to Gill, 50, four years ago but had not seen her until he underwent the delicate eight-hour operation.

For the rare procedure, Jones' front tooth was removed, and used as a lens holder in his right eye.

"I met my wife when I was blind and when I found out there was a chance I would get my sight back the first person I wanted to see was her," the Telegraph quoted Jones, from Broom, Rotherham, as saying.

He added: "The doctors took the bandages off and it was like looking through water and then I saw this figure and it was her. She's wonderful and lovely. It was unbelievable to see her for the first time."

Source: ANI

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