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 TomTom Touch Fitness Band Tracks Body Fat, Muscle Mass
The world of wearables is growing consistently and most of the devices do a good job at tracking fitness. However, body composition analysis (BCA), which helps understand fitness levels and how they're changing over time was still not available in bands.

The launch of TomTom Touch makes BCA accessible to a broader audience. Priced at Rs 13,999, TomTom Touch is the first fitness tracker in the market that combines BCA with 24/7 steps, sleep and heart-rate tracking -- right from the wrist.

The BCA on this band works on an analysing bioelectrical impedance, measuring the body composition by transmitting the light current that travels through the body. Based on this Touch calculates body fat and muscle mass percentages.

Here is what works for the device.

Designed to be worn 24/7, the TomTom Touch looks like an average fitness tracker and comes with an ultra-slim and sleek design with an elegant touchscreen and stylish customisable straps.

The small screen on the tracker displays the number of steps taken along with time and smartphone notifications. The fitness tracker sits comfortably on the wrist, without protruding much so there's no problem in wearing a full-sleeved shirt.

Being sweat, rain and splash proof, the fitness tracker is up for some rough use and can be kept on while washing hands and working out in the gym -- but not while bathing.

To view your BCA, wear the band for about 15 minutes. To take measurements, the arms shouldn't touch the body and the hands and wrists should not touch each other. Press the touch button with index finger for about 10 seconds. Sync your results with the TomTom MySports app.

The BCA gives consistent but not very accurate readings. The numbers are still helpful, as they let you know if your body percentage is increasing or decreasing.

The band also makes for a companion during your sports activities and delivers information that you need for staying fit. During the course of activity, swipe up and down on the watch to see the different metrics.

In my experience it did a really good job tracking steps, sleep and heart rate. Users can also set their sport, activity and body goals and track their progress.

With the TomTom MySports companion app you can view your stats, progress and share achievements with friends. Performance statistics and graphs help in making sense of your activities and the effect they have on your body composition over time.

On a full charge, the band worked for five days before requiring a recharge.

What does not work?

There is no GPS, thus the TomTom Touch cannot measure the distance travelled.

Conclusion: With TomTom Touch smart wearable you could see how your body composition changes over time to find out what works for you and understand how fit you are, making it one of best contenders among fitness trackers.

Source: IANS

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