Tips to Stay Fit During Recession

by VR Sreeraman on Nov 10 2008 1:00 PM

With the credit crunch taking a toll on people's lives, gym membership seems like an 'unattainable' luxury - but there are many other ways that can help you stay fit without breaking the bank.

Therefore, Times Online has provided some advice on how to stay fit during recession.

They are:

1 Go to bed

Lack of sleep is debilitating. Studies have suggested that simple things can make a difference to the amount and quality of sleep people get, such as cutting down on tea, coffee and alcohol at night. Exercise is good as it can help us to get off to sleep and it also eases depression and anxiety that keep us tossing and turning.

2 Go down to the woods

Research suggests that spending time in woodlands - walking, running or simply sitting - can have significant health benefits. Access to woodlands has been linked to improved wellbeing, both physical and mental.

3 Cut your cooking time and boost your nutrients

Cooking vegetables quickly in as little water as possible, will cut your fuel bills and improve the quality of your food.

4 Chilling out

A recent study has found that focusing on the importance of "now" and taking up a hobby can help to keep you mentally balanced in turbulent times. Some people may find meditation useful and there is some evidence that it can be effective.

5 Kick the bad habits

Smoking is expensive. While the evidence is mixed, it seems that motivation and the right guidance can help people to bin the fags.