'The Simpsons' to Promote Healthy Eating Among Brits

by VR Sreeraman on Oct 7 2009 1:24 PM

Cartoon character Homer Simpson from the TV show 'The Simpsons' will soon be turned to an icon inspiring the British to fight obesity.

The Department of Health has decided to promote the beer-loving, doughnut-munching idler as the new face of healthy eating.

The DoH will be sponsoring episodes of the hit show to make Brits improve their diet.

The central characters in the show-Homer, Bart, Marge and the rest of the cartoon family-will apparently be seen sitting on the sofa with junk food placed in front of them, at the start of each episode.

Next, the food vanishes and gets replaced by nutritious fruit and vegetables.

The Government's Change4Life health campaign has invested 640,000 pounds for the ads to be telecast on Channel 4 till Christmas.

"They provide a popular and engaging way to get the message to real-life families," the Sun quoted Public Health Minister Gillian Merron as saying.

"It is good that health is associated with something irreverent and fun instead of po-faced and worthy," said Professor Gerard Hastings, director of the Institute for Social Marketing at Stirling University.

"It's not what is said but who says it that matters and the fact that Homer and Bart Simpson are implicitly endorsing this message is really important.

"We all have a bit of the beer and doughnuts persona in us and, within reason, that's fine. It's about balance and moderation," Hastings added.