by Thilaka Ravi on  October 7, 2009 at 2:34 PM Sexual Health News
 Bedroom Blues: Study in Chennai Finds Diabetes Spikes Sexual Problems in Men
Doctors have conducted a study in Chennai, South India that shows at least 44% of diabetics in Chennai suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). Erectile dysfunction is the condition wherein men are constantly unable to achieve or sustain an erection with enough rigidity for sexual satisfaction. Premature ejaculation which is a common form of erectile dysfunction, has the man unable to retain an erection long enough for sexual satisfaction.

Among the 423 diabetics screened during the past year, 188 patients had some form of erectile dysfunction. The symptoms were mild in 49% of the patients, moderate in 33%, while 18% of the diabetics had severe symptoms of erectile dysfunction. The study found 37.8% had premature ejaculation problems.

Diabetologist Dr. Vijay Vishwanathan who led the research team said, "We found that one of the important reasons for erectile dysfunction was poor blood supply." He observed that while erectile dysfunction was by itself not threatening it could leave men frustrated and cause marital discord. "The presence of ED precedes other manifestations of systematic blood clot that may lead to heart attack, stroke or vascular diseases—the most common complications of diabetes," he added.

The study published in the Journal of Association of Physicians in India was conducted by the MV Hospital for Diabetes and Diabetes Research Center.     


Source: Medindia

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