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The Rajkot Women's Hot Favorite
The stock exchange is emerging as a new viable earning option for women in Rajkot.

More and more women are taking a keen interest in investing in the stock market, which till now was considered a male domain.

Right from opening an account to making investments, these women take care of all the aspects themselves.

Veterans from the stock exchange are also helping these women to learn the nuances of the trade.

'They are taking lot of interest which is a good sign. I hope that people continue to be drawn to this market because it is very fascinating and rewarding market,' said Dina Mehta, former president, Bombay (Mumbai) Stock Exchange.

Many feel that women are apt for this trade, as their disciplined nature makes them good investors.

'There are lots of rules and regulations in our lives, Similarly, in the stock market or other investment instruments. I think women can be very good money managers,' said Prerna Desai, an investment adviser.

From housewives to college students, women are not hesitant in investing in stock markets and proper guidance from veterans is helping them further in their efforts.

'The information that I got today has been really helpful. I have learnt a lot of new things especially some terminologies. I also learnt how we can make investments on our own and how we can get more returns from our investments,' said Chandni, a budding investor.

The growing popularity of the share market is visible in 9000 women holding

Source: ANI

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