by Kathy Jones on  December 23, 2013 at 10:13 PM General Health News
 Teen Dies of Peanut Allergy on Street After Chemist Refused to Give Life-Saving Medication
Ireland's strict medical laws are once again in the focus after a 14-year old teenage girl died on the street following a peanut allergy after a chemist refused to give the necessary medication as she did not have any prescription.

Irish law requires that a chemist hand out EpiPen only if he is shown a medical prescription. Emma Sloan was eating at the Chinese restaurant in Dublin and mistakenly consumed satay sauce with her curry after failing to read that it contained peanuts.

However even as she was suffering from an allergic reaction, her mother tried to get EpiPen at a nearest chemist shop, only to be told that she did not have a prescription and should instead take her daughter to A&E but Emma died minutes later on the street. An inquiry has been ordered by the Children's Minister Frances Fitzgerald while The Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland was said to be examining the case.

"I couldn't get it [the EpiPen] without a prescription. He told me to bring her to A&E I left and I knew we'd have to run all the way to Temple Street Hospital. Emma was allergic to nuts and was very careful. How could a peanut kill my child?", her mother Caroline Sloan said.

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