Sydney Casino Lures Gamblers With $100m Fleet of Jets

by Savitha C Muppala on Sep 6 2010 5:49 PM

 Sydney Casino Lures Gamblers With $100m Fleet of Jets
Star City Casino has plans of picking up a 100-million-dollar fleet of jets and make a wharf that is suitable for the world's biggest yachts. All these developments have been planned to lure gambling stars to Sydney.
High rollers will be wined and dined in luxurious penthouse suites with kitchens designed by some of the nation's best chefs.

The casino's US management is also aiming high on entertainment, hoping to entice stars such as Michael Bubl aac and Elton John to headline concerts after its 890 million dollar makeover is completed at the end of next year.

Casino chief executive Larry Mullin said a no-holds-barred approach was necessary to make Star City a must-see destination for the biggest gamblers, known as whales.

"The only limits are our imaginations," the Daily Telegraph quoted him as saying.

"The game plan is to put us on the map so people travelling around the world put this casino on their lists as a place they have to visit.

"There's nothing Sydney shouldn't be first for.

"It's the bigger and better positioned city. For the premium level, it will offer the pinnacle of what the world has to offer," he said.

Under consideration are aircraft such as the Bombardier Global Express, the sort owned by Frank Lowy and Packer; the Gulf Stream 550, billed as the world's most advanced business jet; and the Boeing Business jet, which is used by the Prime Minister.

Mr Mullin said the casino hoped to revamp the jetty area into a wharf complex that would attract the owners of the world's largest ocean-going private yachts.

"That area is the sleeping giant," Mullin said.

"We'd love to accept those kinds of boats - the only issue we would have is that they fit under the Harbour Bridge," he added.


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