Surprising Connection Between Recession and Weight Loss

by Kathy Jones on Mar 5 2012 9:55 PM

 Surprising Connection Between Recession and Weight Loss
While right diet and physical exercise are often touted as the best ways to lose weight, recession has emerged a surprising reason for weight loss after a new study found that a large number of morbidly obese people have lost weight since recession hit in 2007.
The study was conducted by researchers from the Arizona State University who had assumed that the number of obese people would have risen since the tightening of income would have made people to buy cheaper and calorie rich food items.

The researchers surveyed more than 350,000 adults across the United States and found that the overweight population was down by almost half since 2007. “In all but the poorest income group the annual increase in BMI decelerated substantially during the recession. There is little evidence that the economic downturn has exacerbated obesity by causing people to consume cheaper foods”, the researchers wrote.