by Kathy Jones on  November 11, 2013 at 5:59 PM Women Health News
 Study: 1 in 5 Women Have Nightmares of Cheating Partners
One in five women frequently dream about their partners cheating on them, a new study has claimed.

The research, conducted by a hotel chain on 2000 Britishers, also found that females are three times more likely to have a nightmare about their partner being adulterous than males, the Daily Star reported.

Ian Wallace, a sleep psychologist, explained that physical and emotional conditions impact the contents of our nightmares and dreams, but the main thing to realise is that we express ourselves in dreams in the language of imagery and metaphor.

What we create in a dream is very often not actually what it is about, Wallace added.

The findings also showed that one in five respondents took major life decisions, like where to live or who to marry or when to have a baby, based on the contents of their dreams.

Source: ANI

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