Spurious Vodka Warning in United Kingdom

by Savitha C Muppala on Aug 23 2008 7:19 PM

Shoppers have been cautioned to be alert about spurious Vodka in the United Kingdom, with traces of poisonous methanol.

Bottles of fake Spar brand Imperial Vodka was found to contain elevated levels of methanol, a highly toxic substance.

But consumers can be rest assured about the Spar brand Imperial Vodka, available at Spar (UK) stores which are 100% authentic. Consumers may be warned that the counterfeit bottles were sold at non-Spar shops.

Though it may be a difficult task to recognize the fake, consumers have been advised to scrutinize the glass bottles carefully.

The counterfeit bottles are made of Quinn Glass which will have the code QI: 1445c; the unclear inkjet code may portray a number like 102234 04/08/02. Genuine bottles will carry the code 700ml66mm, followed by two symbols and then the numbers 8809.

Further, The counterfeit bottles will not have a ‘lot code’ on its neck unlike the genuine bottles which will have lot codes

Cllr Geoff Hammond said: "This fake vodka is laced with methanol and is dangerous. If anyone drinks it, they could become seriously ill. We’ve been warned that the counterfeit vodka has been found in London and Northumberland but that bottles could turn up anywhere in the country."