Spinal Surgery Cures Nurse of Pendulum Heart

by Rajashri on Jul 21 2009 9:34 PM

18-year-old nursery nurse Koryn McFadden now has her heart back in the right place following surgery to repair a rare spinal deformity that had pushed her heart to a different location.

She was suffering from a condition called scoliosis, which had pushed her heart three inches to the right side. Surgeons at the Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham carried out the surgery to repair the defect and are confident her heart will stay at the correct spot now.

The problem first came to light in 2006 when Koryn was involved in a car crash that damaged her vertebra. I've always been fit and healthy so I was shocked when I saw the X-ray of my spine. At first I told the nurse she must have the X-rays mixed up," she said.

However an eight hour long operation, when two 16 inch-long titanium rods and 10 metal pins were inserted into her spine, she is as good as gold now.

"I was absolutely petrified about having to go in for such a major operation, but it has been so worth it," Koryn said.