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'Specially Formulated' Facial Spray from Boots is Nothing but Water
Boots facial spray that costs 3.99 pounds, is part of the Boots Expert Range, and claims to be "specially formulated to refresh and hydrate".

But a closer examination of the product has revealed that this 'specially formulated' facial spray is made from just one ingredient - water.

Shoppers who examined the contents on the side of the Expert Sensitive Refreshing Facial Spritz have found it contains only "aqua".

The facial spray is described as "the definitive answer to those everyday health and beauty problems we all suffer from, but keep putting off".

"Hypoallergenic and fragrance free, it instantly cools and freshens skin, helping to protect it from the drying effects of central heating and air conditioning," the description reads.

But, the consumer group Which? has warned customers to make sure they were getting value for money.

"Customers should not get carried away by the promises made by products. Always check the ingredients to ensure you are getting what you think you are paying for," the Daily Mail quoted a spokesman for Which? as saying.

Boots admits that the spray is 100 per cent water but claimed it was justified in calling the spray "specially formulated''.

"The ingredient contained in Boots Expert Sensitive Refreshing Facial Spritz is water. This is clearly stated on the packaging as 'aqua'. This is the case with most facial spritzes, as the benefit is derived from applying a fine mist of water and allowing it to evaporate quickly to refresh and invigorate the skin," a company spokeswoman said.

While the product is water, the process it goes through is intense and includes removing impurities and bacteria. The cost of the product is a combination of purifying the water and the technology needed to deliver it," she added.

The firm's toiletries scientific adviser, Crian Wilson, said: "The water goes through a purification process and an additional process to make sure it is always in a sterile condition.

"That is one of the reasons it comes in an aerosol to ensure it remains air tight. I think the product is brilliant. We have deliberately not included extracts and preservatives. This was a conscious decision because they might get into the eyes or cause an adverse reaction," he added.

Wilson further said that Boots had no intention to mislead consumers by describing the ingredients as aqua rather than water.

Source: ANI

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