by Vishnuprasad on  October 8, 2015 at 3:51 PM Medical Gadgets
Sony’s Two New 4K Medical-grade Monitors Offer Advanced Visualization for Surgery
Sony, the technology company based in Japan, is introducing two new 4K medical-grade monitors that will help hospitals take advantage of ultra high-definition video.

According to the company, the 4K technology delivers four times the resolution of HD, resulting in enhanced clarity, higher contrast, and more accurate color reproduction.

The company will also introduce a line of 4K products designed to complement every step in the surgical workflow. The new products include a 4K medical grade recorder, 4K video over IP converter and a content management system.

Julie Holodak, senior marketing manager for Sony's Medical Systems Division, said that 4K provides the highest resolution available today for surgery.

"4K monitors can give physicians and their teams advanced visualization with virtually no pixilation, especially during up-close viewing. 4K technology gives a better view of general anatomy and blood vessels, allowing nurses, clinicians and surgeons to see in far more detail than even possible with HD. This is important for minimally invasive and general surgery procedures, and for more immersive education and training," Holodak said.

Healthcare professionals using 4K displays can see a 'quad-split' view of four full HD signals simultaneously. Doctors can also zoom in on a 4K image without experiencing any pixilation.

Also, the increased bandwidth of 4K needs products that can properly store, display, distribute the larger 4K files.

Source: Medindia

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