Skincare Most Important for British Women, Reveals Survey

by Sheela Philomena on Nov 25 2013 4:21 PM

 Skincare Most Important for British Women, Reveals Survey
A new survey finds for British women skincare routines hold higher priority than sex.
"Women's skincare routines are obviously high priorities as the majority would give up sex before their moisturiser," read the result of a survey conducted by Sanctuary Spa, reports

Also, women claimed they would choose their beauty products over catching up on the latest episode of hit TV show "Downton Abbey".

The average British women are spending 162 pounds a year on skincare products alone, with almost half of ladies admit to lying to their partner about money spent on beauty products.

"It's fantastic to see that British women are placing such importance on their skincare regime," said Sanctuary Spa skincare Expert, Nichola Joss.

The study also found that over half of women respondents would prefer to look younger than slimmer. As far as their appearance is concerned and what they would most like to change, a quarter of women surveyed admitted to longing for more youthful looking skin, followed by longer legs and fuller, thicker hair.

The research revealed that when it comes to first impressions, the first thing women notice about each other is clothing followed by skin and weight.