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 Size 22 to Size 10- Young Slimmer of the Year Award Goes to …
A 21 year old student Leanne Needham from Sheffield was teased at school because she was obese. A friend had even chided her to join a fat club.

After joining a slimming club, she has currently won the 'young slimmer of the year' award.   She lost weight from a size 22 to size 10 in a span of two years - from a weight of 17st 10lbs to an unbelievable 10st 7lbs.

"By the age of 17 I weighed more than my age - and more than my dad," she said. "I'd been bullied since the age of 10 because of my size - a classmate once told me it was time I went to a 'fat club'.

"I couldn't fit comfortably into the seats at uni so I began to skip lectures and my grades began to suffer. When my doctor said that losing weight could help me overcome these problems I knew I had to make a change." She said.

Exercise and proper diet of fruits, vegetables, eggs, potatoes, pulses ,pasta, and  rice, helped her with weight loss. 

Explaining how weight loss had completely changed her life for the better she said, "Though, I'm really outgoing and love socialising. My friendships have improved, people say I'm like a new person."

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