by Savitha C Muppala on  August 2, 2008 at 5:45 PM General Health News
Royal Mail Suspends Postal Delivery on Unsafe Road in Arkengarthdale
The Residents of a far away settlement in Yorkshire Dales will have to walk for 45 minutes to pick up their post as Royal Mail has suspended postal delivery after sixty years, claiming that the road is unsafe for postmen.

According to the report made by the health and safety department of the company, the lane leading to 11 homes was found to be extremely unsafe and risky for postmen.

Hazel Harker, a farmer's wife, whose family have lived in the area for 60 years, said: "The whole hamlet is in uproar about it. It is a council road and we have always had deliveries by the mail van. I know it is steep and I know it is narrow, but there are lots of little roads like that. You just have to drive carefully. I drive up and down the road in a normal car and have had no problems. There have been no accidents on that hill, I know because I have lived here most of my life."

John Blackie, local Tory councillor, said: "It is a council maintained road, there are four passing places. It is perfectly safe and we even grit it in the winter. I am very concerned now how many other similarly small villages could be hit by a post ban with no warning. This sort of ban could rip the heart out of communities such as Booze."

A Royal Mail spokesman said: "Because of concerns raised by our postmen and women, a health and safety assessment was carried out, as it concluded that there was a risk to our people delivering to a small number of homes in Arkengarthdale alternative arrangements for delivering the post have now been made."

Source: Medindia

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