by Rukmani Krishna on  November 25, 2013 at 11:55 PM Research News
 Robots That Can Mimic Human Actions Are Being Built
Researchers are now aiming to build robots that can mimic human actions and perform tasks as humans do, in an effort to make robots function and collaborate with humans.

Charlie Kemp, an associate professor in biomedical engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, said that this is the wave that's happening in robotics right now, the New York Times reported.

Kemp asserted that things are not the same when you're interacting with people and that's where robots come in.

Kemp insisted that there are huge opportunities for robots, and there are very distinct requirements from what led to the classic industrial robot.

Research at universities and industrial labs are being driven by the idea that robots will be partners of humans, rather than stand-ins or servants.

It is understood that robots will soon have the capability to perform like therapists, caregivers, guides and security guards among other jobs.

Source: ANI

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