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Robot Chefs In A Japanese Restaurant!
A newly opened restaurant in Japan has robots instead of humans as its chefs, says report.

The FuA-Men, Fully Automated raMen restaurant in Nagoya, Japan features a chef and an assistant, and both of them are robots.

These robots perform all of the cooking tasks needed to make eighty bowls per day, and also serve customers who come to their small shop.

Even the customers feel little difference between noodle dishes and other meals prepared by real, human chefs, and meals prepared by autonomous robots.

"The benefits of using robots as ramen chefs include the accuracy of timing in boiling noodles, precise movements in adding toppings and consistency in the taste and temperature of the soup," Live Science quoted Kenji Nagaya, president of local robot manufacturer Aisei as saying.

Despite cooking food, the FuA-men robotic chefs also work hard to entertain customers.

They engage in manzai play, a stand-up comedy style popular in Japan.

Source: ANI

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