Researchers Say Underweight Kids also Face Health Issues

by Kathy Jones on May 13 2013 11:46 PM

 Researchers Say Underweight Kids also Face Health Issues
A new study conducted by researchers at Essex University said that the huge emphasis being placed on fighting obesity has put the issue of underweight school children on the backburner.
The study involved more than 10,000 children between nine and 16 years of age and the researchers found that nearly six percent of the children were too thin with underweight being an issue more among girls, with 6.4 percent, compared to boys, with 5.5 percent while people of Asian origin had the highest number of underweight children, with 8.8 percent. The study was presented at the European Congress on Obesity.

“The UK is obsessed with overweight and obesity – yet it is now accepted that underweight may contribute a much greater risk to health than overweight. Despite this, our only measurement program at the National Obesity Observatory does not even mention underweight”, the researchers wrote in their report.