by Kathy Jones on  January 2, 2014 at 9:56 PM General Health News
 Researcher Shows Why Small Talk can be a Boon for Society
Small talk is far from "small" or trivial, a researcher has said, adding that it helps bind people in this disconnected society.

Psychology professor and shyness expert Bernardo J. Carducci said that if you make connections with people, it makes it much more difficult for you to treat them in an uncivil way.

He said that if people think about being kind to and connecting with people, people they engage in conversation, they're going to open a door for them, they'll let them step in front of them in line. they'll engage in more acts of kindness and fewer acts of rudeness.

Carducci said that small talk pays it forward, and when people are nicer to other people they're going to be nicer to them and nicer to others.

He explained that small talk is important, particularly now when we have people retreating into their own electronic bubbles, their own worlds, where they can get whatever they want on their own terms, adding that the people who are happiest and most influential have the strongest social network, social capital.

Source: ANI

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