by VR Sreeraman on  July 26, 2009 at 9:56 AM Lifestyle News
 Recession Hits Dating- Women Ditch Bankers For Builders!
Single Brit women want to date builders rather than bankers, a dating website has found.

The change in the trend, uncovered by dating website, has been found to be the result of the current economic climate.

Girls are opting for men with stability as the recession hits the dating scene.

Brickies, plumbers, sparkies and carpenters are in serious demand.

And bankers are so embarrassed about their profession that they are deleting their job titles from their dating profiles.

Online dating sites are now pleading for more manual men to join up.

Teachers, policeman, doctors and musicians are among other hot jobs.

"We're seeing more and more women on our site looking for a man with a trade. So much so that we're trying to 'recruit' more tradesmen," the Daily Star quoted a website spokesman as saying.

Experts at the website, founded by telly property star Sarah Beeny, 37, believe it is all because of the recession.

"Women want men who can do," Sarah said.

Source: ANI

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