by Aruna on  September 11, 2009 at 10:18 AM General Health News
Rape Suspect Jack Tweed On Suicide Watch
It is reported that jailed rape suspect Jack Tweed has been on suicide watch after reportedly telling doctors, 'If I had a gun I'd kill myself.'

Jade Goody's widower, who is allegedly being kept in segregation, was said to have received a string of abuse and threats from other inmates at Pentonville jail in London.

''He has been put on an unusually tight watch and has to be checked on every 20 minutes which is virtually unheard of,'' the Mirror quoted an insider as saying.

''He told psychiatrists he wanted to end it all. He is very depressed. If the mental health team are invoking that kind of thing it means they take his threat very seriously,'' the insider added.

The 22-year-old is behind bars after a 19-year-old clubber claimed he raped her as his pal joined in.

Tweed is said to have attacked the girl at a party at his home after inviting the teenager and two of her female friends back to his rented house from a London nightspot in the early hours.

Source: ANI

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