by Kathy Jones on  July 14, 2013 at 8:55 PM Lifestyle News
 Professionals, Take Note: What Not to Say in a Performance Review
It is well-known that many people say something in a performance review, which they later realize they should have kept quiet about.

'I Am Not Average: How to Succeed in your Performance Review' author Brian Poggi has revealed some of the things that an employee should avoid saying when in a performance review.

An employee should never ask 'how did I do?' after his review, as by asking this question the person is inviting a critique. And even though that person may get a positive input; the person is leading the supervisor down a less-than-optimum view of their performance.

Another thing not to say in a performance review is 'What can the person do better?' a vague statement like this not only invites criticism, but also shows that the person has not really prepared or isn't self-aware.

Instead, Poggi said that the person can say that these are some things that he/she would like to work on.

Poggi said that just by asking 'Can I have a raise?' because they have been with the company will get them nowhere.

The author said that if a person gets bored with their current position, they should outline their successes; they should not mention giving up other responsibilities to focus on more challenging or interesting stuff just yet.

Source: ANI

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