Poisonous Mushrooms Turn Fatal for a 57-year-old

by Savitha C Muppala on May 11 2013 11:57 AM

Poisonous Mushrooms Turn Fatal for a 57-year-old
Soup made from dangerous death cap mushrooms turned fatal for 57 year old.
Christina Hale was unaware that the mushrooms she had plucked from her house garden were death cap variety and were poisonous.

While her husband was away at work, she plucked them from her house garden in Bridgewater, Somerset, to make a soup. Later, she served herself a large helping of the soup while her husband had a modest amount.

Both of them began to feel unwell after consuming the mushroom soup and their condition went down after two days. They were admitted to the hospital where Mrs. Hale suffered multiple organ failure and died a day later. Her husband recovered and is now recuperating at home.

Death cap mushrooms are so dangerous that experts cautioned against consuming even half a mushroom, which can lead to death. Situation is worse as there is no antidote.

"It may well have been that Christina had ingested enough of a quantity of mushrooms that whatever happened she was going to die. With a death cap mushroom just half a mushroom is enough to kill someone. She had picked out what we now know are death cap mushrooms, they contain many poisons. Half a mushroom has been known to kill people,” doctors cautioned.


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