Plastic Recycling Gaining Popularity in Kanpur

by Sheela Philomena on Apr 15 2013 5:02 PM

 Plastic Recycling Gaining Popularity in Kanpur
In Kanpur, recycling of plastic has gained popularity with more 300 units being set up and employing at least 40,000 people.
President of plastic association in Kanpur, Sita Ram Shukla told the reporter that with the support of the government, the problem of unemployment in the state can be addressed.

"Fifty percent of Uttar Pradesh's population is immersed in the plastic industry. If the government monitors these plastic industries and promotes them then the government will also profit and the unemployment will also reduce in the area by a minimum of 10 to 30 percent," he said.

Owner of a recycled plastic industry, Manoj Dube said, "Whatever material we receive after it is washed, we put it through a machine and re-process it and make it fresh. All the material that comes to us is re-processed and then sent out to the market."

The recycled plastic industry in Kanpur is booming, as a large number of people are able to successfully earn their livelihood.

The initiative to recycle the plastic was taken as it caused extensive pollution.

Another owner of the recycled plastic unit, Harish Israni told the reporter about the advantages of the new industry as it generated employment.

He further said, "There are various types of plastic industries, both big and small. I believe in today's world it is only the plastic industry that you can start with a minimum investment. If a person installs only one machine, then he can employ four or five labourers to sort through scrap brought in from outside, four or five individual are employed to wash the plastic and to package it two or three people are employed. So in this manner a person with one machine can provide employment to eight or ten people. The government should definitely promote this industry. They should allocate a fund for the plastic industry and help in its advancement by giving loans at a cheap rate so that more industries are started and unemployment is reduced."

Though the use of plastic results in the degradation of environment, on being recycled, it can be used for various purposes.

Families living below the poverty line are able to earn their livelihood as they accumulate all the waste plastic and sell it for recycling.

Since plastic is non-bio degradable, recycling is essential to ensure that the environment is not degraded beyond repair.


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