Planning To Propose - Stay Away From Cliffs, Or Suffer The Fate Of This US Girlfriend

by Tanya Thomas on Sep 11 2009 10:05 AM

Well, a man can 'floor you' and conversely, also 'sweep you off your feet'. But can he make the 'ground on which she walks' well, disappear? That's what this one guy did to hi bride-to-be!

A certain American lady was so pleasantly surprised by a marriage proposal from her boyfriend that she fell off a cliff just after her man popped the question. She survived the accident after rescue officials were called in.

According to rescue officials, soon after the woman accepted the marriage proposal during an outing along the rugged Billy Goat Trail in Maryland, she slipped and fell about 10 feet down a rock face and had to be rescued by helicopter.

The woman briefly lost consciousness, but her injuries were not life threatening, reports the Telegraph.

The Great Falls of the Potomac River are a popular destination for hikers in the suburbs of Washington.

The Billy Goat Trail, on the Maryland side, is well known by walkers, but it is rocky and rough.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Assistant Chief Scott Graham of the Montgomery County fire department joked that it must have been "a heck of a proposal."

Authorities did not identify the woman or her fiance, citing laws governing the privacy of medical records.

The question, though, is - does her 'yes' to the proposal remain a 'yes' now?