Perfumes Seen as Risk of Unborn Babies' Fertility

 Perfumes Seen as Risk of Unborn Babies
Edinburgh University researchers are claiming that unborn babies may face fertility problems in future if the mother users certain perfumes while pregnant.
The researchers say use of cosmetics like perfumes between eight and 12 weeks of pregnancy may be counterproductive especially if the baby is a boy.

Lead researcher Professor Richard Sharpe of the Medical Research Council's Human Reproductive Sciences Unit and colleagues conducted certain tests of rats where they blocked male sex hormones such as testosterone, which are affected by chemicals found in certain cosmetics.

"There are lots of compounds in perfumes that we know in higher concentrations have the potential to have biological effects, so it is just being ultra safe to say that by avoiding using them your baby isn't at risk," said Professor Sharpe. "We would recommend you avoid exposure to chemicals that are present in cosmetics, anything that you put on your body that might then get through your body into your developing baby.”


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