Partners In Illegal Cosmetic Surgery Fixed

by Medindia Content Team on Sep 10 2007 1:30 PM

A couple who performed illegal and disfiguring cosmetic surgeries in their home, dumped with filthy syringes and drugs have been arrested.

Ha Nguyen, 48, and Zbigniew Makowski, 62, were arrested Wednesday on suspicion of practicing medicine without a license, as well as child endangerment. Four children were removed from their home by child-welfare officials, authorities gave.

Disfigured for life, one woman who received a facelift and tummy tuck from Nguyen now has thick three-inch scars next to each ear, scars above each eyebrow and under her lower lip, and a 15-inch scar across her stomach.

According to a search warrant affidavit, a former client of Nguyen’s blew the whistle on the duo. The client claimed Nguyen was performing cosmetic surgery in her home and earning at least $500 a day, while also receiving welfare.

Meanwhile, Makowski is suspected of being Nguyen's accomplice. According to authorities, he transported patients to the house and helped clean wounds.

Nguyen has never been licensed in California as a physician, according to the medical board. In 2003, the board investigated her for performing a botched genital surgery, but the woman who made the complaint moved away and the case was not pursued.

Nguyen and Makowski are currently in jail, and in lieu of $150,000 and $50,000 bail, respectively. They are expected to appear in court on Sept. 14.