by Tanya Thomas on  August 13, 2010 at 10:30 AM Lifestyle News
 Parents Prefer Texting Their Kids, Not Talking
Parents opt to text their kids, even at home, than raising their voices, a new UK study has revealed. Common messages include 'food's ready', 'are you up?' and 'turn the TV down!'

The survey has revealed that women are more likely to text rather than talk at the dinner table.

Half of those under the same roof are using texts and emails to communicate with children.

The survey, commissioned by electronics retailer Best Buy, revealed that women are more likely than men to 'text talk', reports the Daily Mail.

Figures for mobile phone messages are particularly high among women aged 3 to 44, it added, leading researchers to conclude that thousands of technology-savvy mothers have taken to giving orders to their children via text.

Respondents also said they would text someone in another part of the house to put the kettle on or to ask them a question in a crossword puzzle.

Among the under-2 s, the figure using electronic communication ithin the home is 69 per cent.

Source: ANI

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