Pak to Establish Centers to Treat Psycho Traumatic Effects of Terrorism

by Tanya Thomas on Sep 1 2008 9:05 AM

After a period of disquiet lull, terrorism is back with a vengeance. Such attacks have resurfaced in Pakistan after a long time. In an attempt to deal with this issue, Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani recently announced the establishment of contemporary "psychotrauma research centre" to deal with the psychological effects of terrorist attacks.

Speaking at an international conference on psychotrauma, Gilani said his country needed to tackle this serious issue. "We will ensure the implementation of the Plan of Action as proposed by the conference to deal with the serious issue," the Daily Times quoted him as saying.

According to the paper, Pakistan has been traumatized by some of the worst terrorist attacks in the history.

"However, the nation has the resilience and the courage to stand up to such challenges," Gilani told the participants of the conference titled, "Trauma in the changing world; challenges and opportunities".

Gilani said the Pakistan Army was at the forefront in the war against terrorism and was confronting this trauma daily.