Oz School's 'sex Club' Run by Six-year-olds Discovered

by Hannah Punitha on Sep 14 2008 5:36 PM

A sex club run by three six-year-old boys at a Brisbane state school has come to light, where they demanded and received sexual favours from Year 2 classmates.

The news indicates that sex abuse among Aussie school kids is quite rampant.

An irate father of one of the boys, has now claimed that the school never bothered to tell him about his son's misdemeanours more than a week after the story broke.

The Brisbane resident revealed that his son was one of a trio seen performing various sex acts in a toilet block.

"The teachers interrogated the kids and made them write out statements without our consent. The boys wrote down that they belonged to a sex club," quoted him, as saying.

He added: "The teachers didn't make contact for six days. They sent me an email and said, 'Sorry, we've been busy'. We believe older children were also involved. I want a full police investigation. I was on the phone for hours being fobbed off by the Education Department."

He spoke out after the recent furore over yesterday's Courier-Mail story, which told how the sexual assault of a seven-year-old girl by a young classmate was dismissed as a "childhood experiment" by a country school principal.

The article uncovered how the young victim was forced to perform oral sex on the boy who had threatened her with violence.

In fact, similar stories emerged at state schools on the Gold and Sunshine coasts and Cairns, indicating that the sexual abuse of young students by other school children appears rampant.

In the meantime, on the Sunshine Coast, a gang of nine-year-old boys has been accused of "grooming" children as young as five to engage in sex acts, and the victims were rewarded with lollies.

A grandmother of one of the victims said the Education Department had promised an investigation but it had come to nothing.

"It got nowhere and the offenders are still at the school being protected. My grandson was scared to death and needed counselling. Of course we couldn't leave him there," she said.