Oz Schoolies Encouraged into Safer Drinking by Shocking Graphic Ads

by Hannah Punitha on Nov 7 2008 7:06 PM

In a bid to curb drunkenness among the young and to encourage safer drinking, graphic advertisements have been released as part of a 2.6 million dollars State Government campaign.

The ads, which target the 18 to 25 year olds, show young drunks being raped, glassed and left in pools of vomit.

The ads have been produced keeping the Schoolies in mind, and will be joining others in warning parents of the dangers of buying alcohol for their teenagers.

The annual end-of-school celebration also received an endorsement from Youth Violence Taskforce member Paul Stanley, whose 15-year-old son Matthew was killed in an act of drunken violence.

Stanley shared his opinion saying that the ads did not go far enough and that even though there was still a place for Schoolies, parents had to take responsibility.

"I suspect it is better to have 40,000 kids all able to be looked after ... than ban Schoolies and have 40,000 kids spread out over 20,000 different venues," quoted him as saying.

However, the ads, which use real and terrifying situations to urge young people not to drink too much, have been met with disapproval from some for being too graphic.

But Liquor Licensing Minister Andrew Fraser was unrepentant, and stated that they were needed to make people face facts.

"We need to be able to jolt people out of the idea that they have that there is no consequence other than a hangover," he said.