by Sheela Philomena on  February 24, 2011 at 12:05 PM Diet & Nutrition News
 Organic Fruit and Vegetables are Less Nutritious
Buyers of organic fruit and vegetables are in for a shock because a study has revealed that organic fruit and veggies are less nutritious and do not taste better when compared to those grown using chemicals. One advantage of organic food is that it does benefit the environment.

Trials of three garden crops, potatoes, broccoli and tomatoes, found the non-organic items were more nutritious and tastier, reports the Daily Express.

For the broccoli, those grown normally had higher levels of antioxidants than the organic samples.

With potatoes, research by consumer group Which? found that the version grown using chemical fertilizers contained more Vitamin C.

Non-organic tomatoes had a stronger flavor and were sweeter than their counterparts, according to 69 per cent of tasters.

Nutritionist Carina Norris said: "This research shows that fruit and vegetables grown non-organically also have plenty of goodness in them. The most important thing is to eat such foods, not whether they are organic or not."

Source: ANI

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