by Vishnuprasad on  October 13, 2015 at 1:07 PM Medical Gadgets
Open Bionics’ New Prosthetic Arms Turn Kids Into Superheroes
To help children who have missing limbs due to a birth defect or amputation, Open Bionics, a startup out of the U.K. that makes bionic hands, has unveiled the world's smallest prosthetic hand just for kids.

The company introduced three prosthetic hands. They are equipped with colored LEDs and designed after Iron Man, Frozen's Queen Elsa, and a Star Wars Jedi. The start up is part of Techstars' Disney Accelerator program, which means they have royalty-free access to these three popular Disney-owned properties.

"Now kids can get excited about their prosthetics. They won't have to do boring physical therapy, they'll train to become heroes. They're not just getting medical devices, they're getting bionic hands inspired by their favorite characters. The Walt Disney Company is generously donating the time of its creative teams and providing royalty free licenses. More designs coming soon!" the start up wrote on its official website.

The company estimates around 2 million hand amputees worldwide.

Source: Medindia

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