Office Computers Commonest Password

by Nancy Needhima on Mar 12 2012 10:15 PM

Office Computers Commonest Password
Not so surprising when guessing the corporate world’s most popular password which has been identified as the banal 'Password1'.
Online security firm Trustwave said the supposedly secret word was widely used because it fulfilled complexity settings.

More than five per cent of computer users chose it because it has a capitalised letter, a number and has the correct amount of characters normally needed, the Daily Mail reported.

While undoubtedly easy to remember, it is slightly more complex than the most popular code word used by home users - password.

Trustwave's Global Security Report for 2012 revealed a distinct lack of care over online security by workers at firms across the world.

It noted how users, wanting to let their colleagues know how to access their accounts, were finding 'creative ways to override' corporate IT policies on code words.

They included setting usernames as passwords and making simple changes to new secret words - such as adding an extra digit on the end.

Other people were found to write down their passwords in places where they could easily be found.

Trustwave also said hackers could easily install keystroke logging software, which records every button pressed, onto computers.