Obesity Could Hike Your Airline Charges

by Tanya Thomas on Aug 5 2008 4:10 PM

Apparently, obesity just doesn’t give you peace of mind! Now that even popular air carrier, AIRASIA X, has decided to charge its overweight passengers a little extra! The reason- rising global fuel prices which have hiked airline costs, and there’s an added incentive too. They say that it is aims at encouraging " Aussies to lose weight,” reported.

AirAsia X general manager Darren Wright said that the airline is considering weighing passengers to calculate the overall weight of the aircraft.

While Australia's airlines vowed never to weigh passengers, Wright revealed that AirAsia X is thinking of putting up more extreme measures to increase revenue if fuel continues its march to 200 dollars per barrel.

He agrees that the move would be difficult to implement, but said that charging larger passengers "could help Aussies lose weight".

The new weighing system in place, he said, would enable the airline to calculate the remaining weight allowance to be taken up with additional cargo.