NZ: Baby Bottles Have Inaccurate Volume Markings

by Kathy Jones on Feb 28 2013 6:55 PM

 NZ: Baby Bottles Have Inaccurate Volume Markings
A new survey carried out in New Zealand reveals that a large number of baby bottles available on the market have inaccurate volume markings, which put the babies who drink milk from the bottle at a high risk of obesity.
The survey was conducted by Consumer Affairs who analyzed 35 bottles available in the market and found that 15 bottles had inaccurate markings by as much as 5 percent. The researchers also found that some of the low-cost and discounted bottles overestimated the fluid volume by more than 40 percent.

The Ministry of Health released a statement urging the public to take the bottles to a pharmacy which could then accurately measure the volume. It also suggested that people should buy bottles that meet the European regulatory standard even if they prove to be a bit expensive.

“Formula that is too concentrated will provide excess energy (calories) and other nutrients. This could lead to overweight or obese babies and toddlers. It could also harm organs such as the kidneys, when they are still immature. Most feeding bottles are imported and some of these meet a European regulatory standard (the EN14350 standard) that means the bottles are accurate”, the ministry statement said.