by Nancy Needhima on  July 29, 2012 at 2:34 PM General Health News
Nothing New With US Workers’ Road Rage During Their Habitual Commutes
Over half of American workers have acknowledged feeling road rage while travelling to and from the office, reveals a survey.

Some situations have even escalated far beyond angry shouts and obscene gestures.

The study carried out by CareerBuilder revealed that while 58 percent of commuters faced some or the other sort of unpleasant situation on road, nearly one in 10 workers have gotten into a fight with another driver during their commute.

It was also found that workers, who were aged 25 to 34, are most likely to get hot under the collar while behind the wheel during their commute.

Although incidents of road rage are more prevalent among those with lengthy commutes, workers even with short trips to their jobs aren't spared, Fox News reported.

The research showed that nearly 40 percent of workers with travelling time of less than five minutes experience road rage from time to time.

The also study found that while 10 percent of workers tend to have more road rage in the summer, 17 percent have less.

"Road rage is most often associated with running late and far commutes," Rosemary Haefner, vice president of HR at CareerBuilder said.

"Planning ahead and taking advantage of flexible work arrangements can help alleviate stress levels and set a more positive vibe for the workday," Haefner said.

The study was based on surveys of 3,892 full-time professionals in U.S.

Source: ANI

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