Nigerian Man With 86 Wives Intends to Marry More Women!

by Hannah Punitha on Sep 3 2008 5:36 PM

Mohammed Bello, the 84-year-old Nigerian Muslim preacher with 86 wives, wants to marry again despite being ordered to immediately divorce all but four of them.

Nigerian newspapers had earlier reported that Mohammed Bello, who lives in Niger State in central Nigeria with his wives and at least 170 children, was asked by local Islamic chiefs to divorce 82 of his wives by August 31 or leave the area.

On September 1, some newspapers had reported that he had agreed at a meeting with local officials to divorce all but four of the women and had asked for time to return them to their families.

However, his spokesman, Mohammed Tahir, has denied any such claims.

"He is not going to divorce any of his wives. Rather he is going to marry more," the Independent quoted him, as saying.

"Since he married those women, none of them or his children have ever gone out to beg for food or money," he added.

ello has also boasted of his ability to catch the attention of women of all ages.

His oldest wife is 70 years old and the youngest one is 25.

"I can get any woman I want, no matter where she comes from and what she does for a living," he said.