New Natural Beauty Aid Called Crystal Massage Gains Popularity in Chennai

by Hannah Punitha on Oct 4 2008 6:36 PM

A novel facial procedure known as crystal massage, believed to nullify negative energies in the body, has gained popularity in Chennai with several women and even men preferring it.

One can find various beauty conscious girls and boys making a beeline to Anushka Saloon and Spa, the pioneer of this crystal-based body and beauty care concept.

According to Shibani of Anushka, the origin of this lotus crystal massage can be traced to the Far East, the Bali region in particular.She says the rock crystals are used as a medium to draw out negative energies from the body and rejuvenate the psycho-physical system of an individual.

Shibani, who is a qualified beauty expert, explained that the beauty pack consists of pure natural ingredients like rice, Vetiver (aromatic spongy grass roots known as Khaskhas in Hindi and Ushira in Sanskrit) and turmeric.

It is left on the body part for 20 minutes after which the most important elements grace the skin. These gleaming transparent conically shaped crystals, which get energised either by the early morning sunrays or in the moonlit night, are dealt with much care.

She said that massaging them on body parts like chest, face, neck and hips in a particular pattern detoxifies the lymphatic nodes in one's system.

"In the entire concept, you have the Chakras as in Ayurveda which balance the entire body. It is a total body treatment. You can use it not only for the face but also for the entire body where the crystals are used to bring about a balance and also to eliminate unwanted toxins. We use these crystals as the medium of massage for any kind of mental imbalance, say for people who are very agitated and want to be calm or for people who want to be energised," said Shibani of , beauty expert Anushka Saloon and Spa.

The properties in crystals streamline the energies in the body as well as tone and relax the muscles.

On this score, Shibani referred the crystals to be holistic in nature. A crystal facial may take about 45 minutes in which light aroma oils and Aloe Vera gels are used alongside cold and hot water to create vibrations.

Massaging is clockwise as well as anti-clockwise. Those who have availed this crystal massage admit that it has been a wonderful experience.

"I have undergone aroma therapy, spa and chocolate massage but this crystal massage done on face, shoulders and hand is very soothing and makes me feel happy," said Priya, a client.

The lotus crystal massage costs around rupees 3,000.