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 New Graduates Require Health Insurance
Students from University of Minnesota -USA, will have to find health insurance after they graduate from school. Under the Affordable Care Act all Americans need to be covered under health insurance. The University is urging graduating students to find new health insurance, rather than leave school with no insurance. Graduates who had enrolled under the University-sponsored Student Health Benefit Plan will have the insurance expiring on 24th of August.

University Student Health Benefits Director Sue Jackson said they could continue with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota. Blue Cross has a special partnership with the University for students who have been on the school's health plan for six months or longer. Spring semester graduates have until Oct. 23 to enroll in the continuing Blue Cross plans, which will be retroactive to Aug. 24.

Students could also apply through the healthcare exchange - Mnsure. For graduating students the open enrollment is extended for 60 days after March so that students need not lose their health insurance. Students who fail to enroll within the extended period will be able to apply in November. MNsure spokesman Joe Campbell said it's important for young people to get covered because although they're statistically the healthiest age group, they're also the most likely to visit the emergency room. "You don't want to start your career with student loans and medical emergencies not covered," Campbell said.

A few students feel stressed looking for the right health covers. After the launch of the health insurance exchange, MNsure has been urging young people to get insurance covers. The numbers of Minnesotans enrolled under MNsure till date - a fourth of them were young individuals, between ages 18 - 35 said Campbell. Because this is the first time MNsure has been available for graduates losing coverage, the program is anticipating an increase in enrollees after graduation, Campbell said, but it's unclear just how much of a bump it will see. "We're not really sure what to expect," he said.


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