by Vanessa Jones on  July 9, 2014 at 5:48 PM Health Insurance News
 Need of the Day is Improved Healthcare – Not Universal Healthcare
People in Wisconsin, USA, find that health premiums under the Affordable Care Act increased by 69% last year. Early signs indicate that they may go up again this summer.

This is unexpected as according to promises made by President Obama to the American people - the Obamacare would decrease the premiums substantially. He - the president had also promised an era of universal health care, though, at least 31 million are still without health insurance.

This is because the health care system is more concerned with universal healthcare rather than better healthcare. The health care system has to be first reformed by lowering costs, improving outcomes and reaching out to better health care, not by simply enrolling more and more people for health insurance.

For things to flourish, entrepreneurs need to have liberty to create products and treatments suited to patients needs. People should have a choice about their healthcare needs. Under Obamacare - with the red tape involved for both innovators and individuals almost everyone involved from doctors, health care providers and patients are busy filling out paperwork.

As an example 3-D printing can change the world of prosthetics, as FDA approved models are not only difficult to obtain and cost about $80,000 for a prosthetic compared to low cost 3-D devices which cost only $10 to be produced. This technology needs FDA approval which can cost thousands of dollars, so it is patients who are denied of a chance that can change their life with innovative 3-D devices. Obamacare is full of red tape and has 11,000 pages of government rules and regulations which limit the doctor's ability to fully help their patients. The federal government should allow innovations created to make life easier for people of Wisconsin, instead of trying to provide universal healthcare - Obamacare's aim should be to improve the quality of health care.

The problem can be solved if the lawmakers follow multiple policies at the federal and state level. The debate has simply focused on providing universal health insurance regardless of quality while ignoring real problems like over-regulation and stifling mandates on businesses and patients.


David Fladeboe, July 2014

Hannah Punitha (IRDA Licence Number: 2710062)

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